“Dad! Tomorrow is ValenTIME’s day!” my oldest told my husband.

“Oh, yah? What does that mean?”

“Love!” he shouted with a reckless abandoment.

I could not suppress a grin. His enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day was comparable to his joy and wonder of Christmas.

We celebrated by making homemade “cupid’s arrow” valentine’s for his classmates with pretzels and gummy hearts. “Franklin’s Valentine” was read at our routine breakfast table story time. Serving as the mom volunteer for his Valentine’s party at preschool, I was able to watch the children make crafts and decorate cookies.

His face lit up with each Valentine he opened from his friends when we looked through his bag.

The boys and I met my husband at Red Robin’s for dinner; my four year old’s absolute favorite place to go out to eat. I don’t know whether his excitement over eating there or his excitement for me not having to cook was higher. (I shared with him how happy that made me). “And Mom! You don’t even have to cook!” He threw up his hands in disbelief.

I have not had a more rewarding Valentine’s day as I watched it through the eyes of my son. I never put much stock into the commercialism of it all, but when he responded with his one word “love” answer I was sold.

Lord, I cannot thank you enough. You loved me enough to allow Your Son to die for me. Thank you for showing my son how important Love is and how fully he is able to express it at such a young age.



2 thoughts on “Love

  1. I love that everything and every day can point us to Christ and the love of God in Him !
    Thank you for sharing your love and joy 🙂

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