Savoring Him

I had to smile this morning as I cleaned out my email inbox. I sipped my coffee that had turned cold twice already, thus revealing how long I “milk” my morning java. I then found myself holding coffee in my mouth while concentrating on reading a devotional that I receive daily (and have fallen WAY behind on) and then almost laughed out loud.


My mother has the tendency to hold coffee in her mouth for an indeterminate amount of time before swallowing it. Not every sip, mind you. Particularly when her focus is honed in on something else. It drives me crazy.  I have no idea why, it just does. I would say to her, “Would you just swallow it already?” And she would smile and swallow it and start to laugh.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. 🙂

It’s funny the little quirks we pick up from our parents. It got me thinking about what I may be passing on down to Michael and Sam.

I have become convicted recently of the amount of time I have spent savoring the word of God and time in prayer with Him. Prayer has always been a struggle for me. I have tried and tried again in my own strength to become a persistent, consistent woman of prayer but it continues to escape me.

I began a study yesterday on prayer. The study guide has sat unopened on my bookshelf for years. Twelve lessons focus on teaching us to pray, as we are unable to do so on our own ability.  The words “Lord, teach us to pray” were spoken by Jesus’ disciples prior to his revelation of the Lord’s Prayer. They saw Jesus pray and couldn’t comprehend how to go about doing it.

Because they didn’t have the ability. Not on their own, anyway. I have learned that I need the Holy Spirit to pray, and that I need to call upon Him to be able to meet with my Lord. While I am always “filled” with the Holy Spirit as I have asked Christ to live in me, I don’t always rely on Him. It’s like being thirsty and having a well that is never drawn from. The source to quench my parched soul is right there, staring me in the face.

All I need to do is pull that bucket out of the well and drink from it.

But I can’t even do that on my own! I need the Holy Spirit to do that, to pray, to walk in His leading and presence. To savor Him, the way my mom and I seem to savor coffee. Holding on to it. Not wanting to swallow.

What’s amazing is that while I can drain my coffee cup, the supply of riches in the Holy Spirit never runs out, it is always there for the asking. Because I am imperfect, I MUST drink from it daily, hourly, and minute by minute. The more I draw from it, the thirstier I become. Never satisfied.

But it has to be done on a continual basis. When I don’t ask, when I don’t drink from the well, I start to falter back into my own way of thinking, or doing. I become dry and wither. The longer I stay away from the Word, or time in prayer, the harder it becomes for me to ask for it. Praise Him that He does not leave me there.


Teach me to become a prayer warrior, consistent and persistent. Show me the way to walk in the Holy Spirit. When I don’t, I become weak and rely on myself. I beg of you to lead me in walking in You every second of every day. May my children see You in me and desire the same. May I savor time spent in Your Word. I praise You for sending the Holy Spirit who fills so many roles for us. He is my Helper and Comforter.  Embed this truth deep into my soul.

In your Son’s name,



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