Who does she think she is?

All throughout the day I get these urges to write. I have a running dialogue in my head narrating what is going on around me or re-framing thoughts I have into clever little quips that I just KNOW would be amazing on paper.

Yet, they never get written.

There are a lot of things in my life that I would like to be more disciplined about. Spending time in God’s word and time in prayer is one of them. Getting back on the exercise train would be great. Coming up with a consistent cleaning routine so I don’t look around and become surprised that my house has imploded on itself. Writing when the mood strikes. Keeping in touch with far away friends on a regular basis. The list goes on…
But I digress….as a mother of two young boys, I am lucky to get a shower in. Yet, I see these other moms dressed to the nines, smile plastered on their face, calmly de-escalating a toddler tantrum, nails painted….you get the point.

But I have a secret that I am going to share with you. They don’t have it all together either. Not even close.  Whether dressed in Banana Republic (I realize there are more elite designers/boutiques) or Faded Glory (hey, don’t knock Wal-mart) we are the same underneath. We all share the common struggle of being a mommy and being a woman. Of being a wife and being a friend.

That pretty momma you envy when you drop off your little one for a playdate, daycare, or whatever? She might just have had an argument with her husband. Or they may have financial issues. She may need a friend just as much as you do.

Some of us might do a better job of covering up what is really going on, but rest assured that every mom you see needs something; be it a hug, babysitter, grocery money, a girl’s night out, or some time to herself.

Most days I drop Michael off dressed in some sort of workout clothing or ratty sweatshirt that I can’t seem to part with. Sometimes I pick him up that way. I used to feel insecure about the other moms with their make up on and hair did (sorry I had to) and the fact that they had obviously showered. I don’t anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should shower for the benefit of the community, and I I don’t enjoy being a “dragon muffin” (aka Michael’s name for a ragamuffin) but I know that it really is ok that I barely managed to brush my teeth before heading out the door…and sometimes Sam’s teeth don’t get brushed until lunch time. Some days are better then others. Today I am going to actually get out of my dragon muffin routine.

If you find yourself having a dragon muffin day or a hot momma day, be kind in your thoughts to the opposite moms you see. Avoid the urge to play the comparison game and have love for the mommas on their dragon muffin days an don’t judge the put-together-momma.

Going to go have a put together day…..


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