welcome to my mess

I am a mess. I am scatterbrained, absentminded, lose things daily, forget why I walked into a room, you know that type of thing.

I am also so type “A” it can be a bit ridiculous. I love being on time, organizing, and completing projects (which does not happen as often as I would like).

I endeavor to be a successful writer and photographer. I love both forms of art.

Oh, and mentally I am kind of a mess, too. After giving birth to my second beautiful son, I was diagnosed with a postpartum mood disorder. More specifically, postpartum OCD. I know, what’s that?

Among many things, it was the inspiration of this blog. I alongside thousands of other women, suffered through a literal living hell. Many of whom are too frightened to ask for help.

Thankfully I did seek help. I serve an all-knowing, loving, healing God through His Son Jesus Christ and made it through to the other side.  That’s where the sanctified part of my mess comes in…I am sanctified, or “set apart” by the blood of Christ…and he doesn’t care how messy I get.

P.S. There is nowhere I would rather be then somewhere with my toes in the sand….


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